Designer Tibor has come up with a flying Audi, the Audi Calamaro Flying Concept. Could be a future solution, a combo of a light aircraft, boat and car, running on future fuel sources.

We’ve seen Audi taking off in sales over the past few years, flying low with bullets like the RS4, RS6 and R8 and staying afloat in times of hardship. Soon we might see the company taking these metaphors literally if this Calamaro Concept is any indication. Like its name which sounds like an intimate meeting between Camaro and calamari, the Calamaro seems to combine a car, plane, and something of aquatic abilities.

Developed by Tibor for a design competition which was organised by Porsche Hungary, the Calamaro concept’s shape was “inspired by the bone of the cuttlefish” which is clear to be seen. Interesting to look at, but one must wonder how it will be powered, where/ how it will park and drive/ fly/ float.

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