Suzuki will continue its studies in fuel cell technologies with the fourth incarnation of its Fuel Cell Vehicles, the SX4-FCV. Just another pointless concept, seen it all before! An initial thought that may occur to may minds as Suzuki aren't exactly the first name that comes to mind when it comes to innovation. However the Japanese automaker is attempting to reverse this trend, whereas most electric vehicles rely on their electricity to come from an external source, this model creates its own electricity through a chemical process using Hydrogen and oxygen.

Hydrogen is stored in a special developed tank (ok, so this comes from an external source) and it also features a compact capacitor which captures the regenerated energy that comes from the brakes.

The SX4-FCV has a fuel cell output of 80 kW and an electric motor output of 68 kW, it allows the model to travel with interruption for up to 250km and it possesses a top speed of 150km/h.

More details will be release when the model debuts at the Paris Motor Show next month.

Suzuki to Display Latest Fuel Cell Vehicle in Paris