Rumours persist of a planned Nissan GT-R sedan, based on GT-R coupe twin turbo technology. These are the latest renderings of such a car.

Would Nissan build a GT-R sedan? Does such a car make any sense? Yes of course it does. Will Nissan make it though? The company denies it will, through no less a figure than CEO Carlos Ghosn. Nevertheless rumours depicting this kind of vehicle continue unchecked and now Best Car magazine has released these renderings of a supposed GT-R four-door.

The car would be almost identical to its coupe ancestor on which it would be based, bar a few details like the two extra doors and some minor trim changes. Staying the same is its 3.8-litre twin turbo V6 stomping out a good 480hp (353kW) and 588Nm (433 lb-ft), which would put it in the realm of Chrysler 300C SRT 8s, Audi S6s and current BMW M5s. That is why a GT-R sedan makes sense as a concept, but may have to up its power output to compete with next-generation versions of these saloons.