Andy Green and Richard Noble are going for a 1,000mph world land speed record, with Green driving the BLOODHOUND SSC. Attempt is to be staggered over two years, culminating in 2010.

How in the world can a lump of composites weighing 6,400kg/ 14110 lbs and measuring 12.8m/ 42 ft in length reach velocities of 800mph, 900 mph and 1,000mph? Easy. Or is it?

This is Bloodhound Project, the freshest bid at breaking the land speed record. It is being attempted by Andy Green OBE (driver) and Richard Noble OBE (team leader), the current and former land speed record holders respectively. Green’s record currently stands at 763.053 mph. These two are building the BLOODHOUND SSC, a jet, rocket and piston-engined combination of thrust which will begin its service in 2009 for the first run, an 800 mph attempt, followed by more development for a 900 mph try in 2010 and finally the big prize of 1,000 mph in 2011.

Meant to be more than just a land speed record breaker, the BLOODHOUND SSC is set to be the science and technology marvel of the next few years, with potential performance to surpass any mechanical device seen for years. The plan is to make it a form of science inspiration for a new generation to get them interested in technology and science, but may have the side effect of getting them more interested in motor racing instead. No problem with that. As a project the car should also be the reason for a renaissance in research in the areas of aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, composite manufacturing and materials technology.

The vehicle is planned for a 0 – 1,050 mph time of 40 seconds, which is phenomenally stupendous by any measurement. At top speed the car will be going through something like 500 metres in the blink of an eye. Black Rock desert in Nevada, where Green set his record, is being considered as a possible venue for the record. How about building a flat, straight asphalt stage on that desert instead of running it on hard sand? I’m sure sponsor STP, the fuel additive maker, could cover it.

Noble & Green To Attempt 1000 MPH World Land Speed Record