This official video stylishly introduces the Volcano, based on Mercedes-McLaren's SLR, in all its outlandish glory - from studio to the road - albeit unaccompanied by an official press release.

Shot by spys earlier this month wearing only its somewhat less than inconspicuous Hamann bodykit, the firm's Mercedes-McLaren SLR-based new Volcano model has now been part-unveiled in video form. The official presentation stylishly introduces the Volcano in all its outlandish glory - from studio to the road. And although unaccompanied by an official press release, the video does give the first peek inside its plush, albeit largely unchanged, cabin.

The first Mercedes vehicle to join the impressive Hamann ranks, the SLR-based Volcano is not the first supercar to be suped by the firm. The Volcano slots into the line-up alongside modified Ferrari and Lamborghini models, complementing a range of tuned vehicles from firms such as Aston Martin, BMW and Bentley to name just a few.

The principle visually-differentiating modifications on the Volcano are its two-tone paint scheme and its huge rear wing, while of substantial impact are its new rear diffuser, black and white 3-piece alloy wheels, front skirt, triple-pipe exhaust and darkened rear lamps. Details are scarce but expect technical upgrades akin to the rest of Hamann's range. Its soundtrack can be heard in the video.

Video Preview: Mercedes SLR McLaren Hamann Volcano