Click 'play', hear its roar! Watch the spied Audi R8 Spider in full glory at the 'Ring doing what it does best; handle.

That 4.2-litre has an unmistakable deep thunderous rumble whose sound resonates across plains in search of an admiring ear. Well it found such an ear in our spy photographers who caught the car in full speeding glory being followed around by other Porsche Group products like that orange Lambo and Cayenne Turbo.

The R8 Spider, apart from its retractable soft top, is mechanically similar to its coupe sibling. Notice the twin-clutch R-Tronic gearbox quickly going through its cogs as the R8 approaches corners. The 420hp (309kW) soundtrack does justice to its aggressive but toned-down look. We love the fact that there’s virtually no hiding this monster beneath any type of camouflage, pointing towards an imminent public reveal, either in LA or Detroit.

All we are missing now are the V10 and V12 TDI Spiders. Come Audi, throw a dog a bone, show a little metal ‘flesh’…