ASI has debuted its TETSU GTR, an 800 bhp Japanese fusion of power and artistic cultural design. SEMA 2008 really is the place to be.

Bentley may have been on a fast rise up the sales scales in the past four years or so, due to new vibrant models like the Continental GT, but even they would probably not approve of this TETSU GTR from ASI. Which is probably the exact point of it all; taking something as regal as a Bentley GT and turning it into an art piece that conformists couldn’t point at with a laptop mouse.

Already sweating buckets of turbo power as a normal manufacturer car, the GT that ASI made is one of some considerable strength, mostly found from enlarged turbo turbines, ECU tuning, a more efficient exhaust system and improved cooling methods. Because of these changes the TETSU GTR is able to allow for a comprehensive 800 bhp to escape onto the tarmac.

SEMA is of course more than just a power fest, it’s also about eye candy. So the GTR has received special attention from artist Tetsuei Nakamura whose works include luxury hotels. The car seats and its floor mats are fashioned in the Nishijin weaving legacy, the exterior finished in two-tone carbon fiber, Fujiyama matte white colour scheme.

LED lights give the appearance of the modern-day sports car fad, with that 2070mm-wide body making the car look like it’s squatting, waiting to pounce. The 22-inch black forged wheels finish this look.

Gallery: TETSU GTR by ASI Debuts at SEMA