2010 BMW Z4 looks almost stark naked, and production-ready in these latest spy photographs. Current generation car has already ceased production, making way for this one.

One of the most controversially-designed but immensely satisfying driver’s cars, the BMW Z4, is almost at its tail’s end. These are the latest spy photos of its replacement, the 2010 version which has been spied a few times before already. The roof looks like a two-piece hard-top convertible which if it makes it into final production, will mark BMW Z’s first foray into tin top territory.

What makes these particular pictures special, apart from the red colour, is how little effort BMW has put into hiding the car from us. Of course 9 out of 10 times they get found out anyway, which is why we still advocate for a ‘less is more’ policy across the board from all manufacturers in future. Ok, we can dream can’t we?

Even in this state a few details are still under wraps, like the front and rear lights, the latter though giving clear clues as to the styling direction the Z4 is taking. We can see how the rear bumper convexes toward the concave boot lid. Z4 is expected to show its first public face at Detroit in January 2009, with production commencing a few months later in Germany.