A new video teaser of Aston Martin One-77 super car. CEO Ulrich Bez and his chief designer drop fatherly lyrics about their exclusive, 7.0-litre, 700 bhp creation.

You know, I almost cried watching this video clip. I’m not saying the Aston Martin One-77 concept is a child, but have you ever listened to a father talking about his son, not to another man but to a woman, with those violins in the background setting the scene? It’s like that with Dr Ulrich Bez and Marek Reichman, CEO and Director of Design respectively regarding the One-77.

In this promotional video the two men wax lyrical about the car as a concept, its life as a piece of art that combines beauty with outstanding engineering. One-77 is a super car indeed; 7.0-litre, 700 bhp and only 77 will be made. Highly exclusive, only a small team of people work on this car, which allows for exceptional craftsmanship as well as a tighter reporting schematic than if they were mass-producing 3000 examples.

We are not counting on the One-77 breaking records at Nürburgring, “Aston Martin is not about figures…for us it’s more important what is beyond the figure..” Watch the video and decide if it really is the most beautiful Aston Martin ever conceptualised.