Our intuitive pals over at autoblog have been able to confirm the Camaro will debut before September 19th, putting to bed any rumours that have been reported on various forums.

Over the past 24 hours there has been some discussions debating exactly when we are likely to see the full debut of the highly anticipated Chevrolet Camaro. It all started when various forums reported that General Motors had announced it will be unveiled at the Indy 08, Back at the Brickyard Event in September, however our friends over at autoblog dug a little deeper to be told it will actually debut BEFORE this date.

It had been expected to debut in the glitzy durroundings of the Detroit Auto Show in January next year but this new information raises the obvious question - What event is happening between now and the 19th September that could possibly warrant such a high profile debut?

We pretty much know what the exterior will look like after Bob Lutz ordered for all camoflage to be removed from the pre production prototypes (see above), although there is a possibility a few minor details could change on production

Production Chevy Camaro to Debut Within 4 Months