Tuning house Vorsteiner has worked some of its well-known magic on a 997 to give us the Vorsteiner Porsche 997 V-GT Coupe.

Vorsteiner’s work is to be found in brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. The specialists in carbon fiber fittings are proud of their contribution in shedding off some useless kilos from a standard production car to make something light and agile. Presenting now a Porsche 997 V-GT Coupe, Vorsteiner has made some modifications to the 997 911 icon by placing a full carbon fiber front bumper. This unit has an integrated carbon fiber inlet with an upper radiator vent grille. The front carbon fiber chin spoiler is an attachment that is replaceable. At the rear is a vented bumper with integrated carbon fiber diffuser, complete with aero fins.

The name Vorsteiner is all over the door sills as a logo marking, leaving no doubts as to who worked on this car. For running shoes the Vorsteiner Porsche 997 V-GT Coupe has a specially-designed forged aluminium 3-piece five spoke wheels in 19-inch reverse lip, 20-inch reverse lip and 22-inch reverse lip, with widths that range from 8” – 13”.

Vorsteiner Porsche 997 V-GT Coupe