While attending an Autocross event, I was taking a stroll through the parking lot and checking out the cars. Off in the distance a red A2 GTI caught my eye. At first it appeared stock but moving closer I noticed a "16V" badge, set of five spoke wheels and a ultra smooth paint job with a shine that would make a 911 owner jealous. Upon reaching the vehicle, I noticed the body and shut lines were perfect and closer inspection of the wheel/tire package revealed a set of VW Corrado G60 calipers. At this point I started to realize there was something special going on with this GTI and required further investigation. I moved around to the drivers' side of the vehicle and was startled when I noticed someone sitting in the drivers seat. I approached the driver and asked him if he would mind if I could take a couple of pictures of his GTI. Without hesitation he replied, "Sure!" and got out. As our conversation proceeded I started to notice how friendly and forth coming this guy was about his car. In the past I've run into many owners with cars this nice who, unfortunately, tend to be guarded and don't like to reveal their most prized possession's details to a stranger. This was not the case with Jamie Oteri, the owner. After talking about the beautiful paint job, Jamie started to reveal what was lying under the hood. He rattled off a list of mods that blew my mind…Can you say "Sleeper"?!

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