The common denominator among the German manufacturers can be described in three ways. Innovative world-class design, high level of engineering and a commitment to performance. These qualities are the foundations that enable the enthusiast to be born. A driving experience so empowering it immediately forms a bond with other individuals of the same observation. Often you will hear competitors referring to "German Engineering" in their commercials. Unfortunately, the products they sell don't exactly equate with high build tolerances, award winning design and motorsport excellence. German vehicles are more than just transportation. They are extensions of our minds and embody the precision, agility and speed of our thoughts. Very seldom will you see such fanaticism and loyalty sustained for other manufacturers in global proportions. However, with the German manufacturers such global support is commonplace. It doesn't matter if you are driving or spectating, the emotion is the same. At we strive to share with you, the enthusiast, that same emotion by means of driving impressions, original video productions and high-resolution photography. Through our message boards we seek to develop a community of enthusiasts whose knowledge base and experience can unite and form a collaborative bond. By incorporating quality design, cutting edge web development and a touch of art we attempt to help redefine automotive media and establish a place in the next evolutionary phase of the Internet.

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