Bimmerfest had an incredible mix of cars considering the terrible weather. It seemed like the rain may have scared some away but those cars that did show up were some of the best BMW's anywhere. On hand was a 1988 E28 M5. It was pure joy being able to see such a rare car (approx 1200 US; 940 Europe) with such an immaculate body and interior. The owner was selling for $15,000US. A bargain compared to some of the new cars on the market in the same price range. Another rare classic (1600 US) also present was an E24 M6 sports coupe in addition to other 6 Series cars. Not only are these classic lines beautiful but the engine is gorgeous from the top of the throttle body all the way down to the header. Today's German engines hide behind plastic covers that may be functional but I much prefer the look of these classic BMW's and view the engine in its entirety. With plans of a new 6 Series in motion I have full confidence BMW will dig deep and validate this masterpiece when they finally produce a successor in 2004. Also represented in full force were a slew of M3's of all generations. I remember Jean Alesi once said his two favorite cars were the original VW GTI/Rabbit and E30 M3. I couldn't agree more! It was the power and agility of the E30 M3 that served as one of the building blocks for the enthusiast race scene we know today. Performance is the dominating purpose behind every M car. This ethic has never been more relevant with today's immerging E46 M3 and its 333hp.

Bimmerfest 2001