Lime Rock Park Grand Prix

Lime Rock, Connecticut is situated in the Northwest corner of the state among the rural rolling hills of Red Mountain. Part of the joy in attending any event at Lime Rock Park includes the car ride there. The beautiful scenery encapsulates many undulating open road sections containing perfect camber and good vision to the next corner and beyond. Apparently, we weren't the only ones enjoying the ride as we had difficulty catching the car in front of us. Along the way we couldn't help ourselves from turning around to repeat a section or two. In good time we reached the park in what I thought to be a great beginning to a great day. The weather was perfect for a big day at the races. It rained buckets the week prior but cleared out for Memorial Day festivities, which seemed to invigorate everyone. The drivers were enjoying the hilly terrain as they were dicing it up and forcing incredible passing maneuvers. A lot of wheel-to-wheel action, an intoxicating mix of exhaust notes and no rain added to the excitement. The Speedvision World Challenge GT Championship class had some mighty contenders which included Porsche 911's, Acura NSX, Chevrolet Corvette's and a Ferrari F360 which were all spanked by the small displacement Audi S4 Quattro as it walked away from its competitors to take first place. At one point I thought I saw a passenger in the back seat of Michael Galati's Audi 4 door passenger car. Later after analyzing the photos from the race I was able to determine it was Dr. Ferdinand Piech (VAG Chairman)! It looked like he was laughing the whole time his Audi S4 Quattro walked away from the rest of the race field. Being the Grandson of Dr. Ferry Porsche and the father of Quattro, it was kind of funny that Dr. Piech's family sedan beat cars like the Porsche 911 GTR. The merits of Dr. Piech's Quattro seemed to compensate for the weight gain from the extra components involved. It's visually obvious to the bystander that Quattro puts the power down, even with debris and dirt all over the track kicked up by many enthusiastic drivers.

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