Northeast Audi Owners Club Event

Audi sales and popularity have reached new record heights. With a 21% sales increase in the US for 2000, Audi surges ahead winning the hearts of more and more enthusiasts. While maintaining a high level of build quality in their vehicles, Audi has become a favorite brand amongst the enthusiast scene for their ease of engine tuneability and effective Quattro all wheel drive transmission. As Audi strives to provide superior engine performance, they have a tendency to over-engineer their engines to allow a wide range of horsepower levels to be incorporated in various models. As a result, enthusiasts jump all over these wonderful Audi engines in search of higher horsepower gains with minimal longevity sacrifice and low cost. With the advent of sophisticated computer chip (E-PROM) tuning technology, Audi aspirated (turbo charged) engines reach their true potential, hence, the term "Bang for your buck". To fuel the fire of the enthusiast scene even more, Audi has committed themselves to various forms of motorsports in which they have excelled. Most notably their recent 1st, 2nd and 3rd place sweep of the mother of all endurance motorsport races, Lemans, in 2000. If that wasn't good enough for you, how about taking 1st and 2nd place again at Lemans in 2001 with sister company, Bentley, capturing 3rd place. Inconceivable! The notion of Audi being committed to motorsports and performance has never been more evident, especially, with such events as the Northeast Audi Owners Club show event at the helm of enthusiast pride. The Northeast Audi Owners Club show event had many enthusiastic members with the majority driving S4's in various states of tune. Unfortunately, there wasn't much representation by some older Audi models. I was hoping to see some modified Audi V8 Quattros, 100's, 80's and 4000's but to no avail they were absent. The oldest Audis I saw were a 1991 Coupe Quattro and one 1985 Audi Turbo Ur-Quattro Coupe which were in the parking lot and not in the show area. I stopped counting at 40 S4's in the show area. An incredible amount considering how few are actually imported into the US not to mention at least 30 brand new S4 sedan and Avants spread throughout the grounds of Ira Porsche/Audi dealership in Danvers, Massachusetts. Some Audi's had simple upgrades like ECU modifications and wheel/tire additions. Others had turbo upgrades, intercoolers, heads-up digital displays, boost controllers and pop-off valves just to mention a few.

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