It all started at the local electronics store when I was shopping for a stereo.

When the staff at is looking for a feature car, we generally will attend a show event or race. But sometimes we run into some gems without even trying. This is exactly what happened this time around with Rolan Corpuz's 1999 B5 Passat 1.8t and Ken Cichy's 2.0L 16v Passat It all started at the local electronics store when I was shopping for a stereo.

A salesman approached me and asked if I needed any help. I began to tell him what I was looking for and he immediately asked, "What kind of car do you have?" "Volkswagen", I replied. The rest of the conversation was history as we talked in depth about the VW tuning scene here in the states.

The salesman, Rolan Corpuz, then asked if I wanted to see his car. I enthusiastically accepted and we walked over to the brightly lit installation bay. Upon arriving at the bay I was blown away by this shiny black Passat.

The first thing I noticed was the BBS RK II's and then the Oettinger body kit and spoiler. Slunk down to the ground the appearance of this Passat was menacing yet carefully crafted. Rolan continued to walk me around the car as he rattled off a list of mods he had done.

I was truly impressed with his car as well as Rolan and immediately presented him with a business card. Upon our next meeting for the photo/video shoots, Rolan brings a friend along with an immaculate 1991 B3 Passat. After getting a quick look at this car we decide to include Rolan's friend, Ken Cichy, into the days itinerary.

Not only was the unintentional meeting with Rolan great but also having Ken's Passat available on the day of the shoot was twice as nice. Since our photo/video shoots with Rolan and Ken we have run into them at a few VW shows. At every show it's the same thing over and over.

Crowds of people admiring what Rolan and Ken have done with their so-called family sedans. It's impressive to say the least. From custom molded tweeter mirror mounts and headrest swivel monitors to hand polished aluminum wheels and a ported cylinder head, credit needs to be given where credit is due. Check out the extensive attaching list of modifications for both Passat's.

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