Lewis Hamilton says he will try to "take it like a man" if he loses the 2016 championship battle to teammate Nico Rosberg.

The Briton trails his Mercedes stablemate by 33 points with four races to go, Rosberg having taken his eighth win of the season in the most-recent Japanese Grand Prix.

Hamilton has only finished once behind his teammate in Formula 1: in 2011, when he was beaten by Jenson Button in the standings when they drove for McLaren.

When asked about the possibility of losing out to Rosberg, Hamilton said: "I'll try to take it like a man. You cannot win them all. Look at world champions in the past who won championships and lost championships. It is part of the game.

"I am in a position where lots of points are available so I have the belief anything is possible. Once it is decided and it happens, all I can do is shape the future and that is next year.

"Life will move on and we go to next season and come back stronger."

"Nothing I can do"

Hamilton, whose championship bid has been hindered by reliability problems, insists he is satisfied with the job he has done.

"This year has been a little bit different in terms of how our performances have been, particularly mechanically but nothing I can do about that," he said.

"If 9/10 times the car has been good I've done the job with it and a few where the first few seconds haven't gone that well, but that is motor racing."

Refutes media blocking claim

The world champion was in the spotlight in the previous race at Suzuka for his clash with the media, including comments on Twitter and the blocking of some British journalists on the social media site.

Hamilton said he did not use Twitter personally, and claimed it was someone from his team doing the blocking.

"That is actually that something got brought up to me," he added. "I don't manage social media and have other people that do.

"I don't know who had got blocked or not. I think it is a lot of people, not just media... Lots of people got blocked. I don't even have the app. I don't really do Twitter."

Additional reporting by Jonathan Noble

Source: Motorsport.com

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