Each helmet has the signature of the driver pavéd with a line of hundreds of Steinmetz’s handcrafted diamonds.

Steinmetz, the Geneva Switzerland based diamond company, signed a three-year deal with McLaren Formula 1 back in 2005 and celebrated with a diamond inlaid steering wheel for Kimi 'Iceman' Raikkonen. In 2004 Jaguar Formula 1 cars raced with a diamond encrusted nosecone thanks to the Steinmetz Group.

This year the two main Mercedes-McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen will race with two very special helmets. Both helmets have a Forevermark diamond encrusted Steinmetz logo and the drivers signature on top of the helmet are lined with hundreds of handcrafted diamonds.

Lewis remarked: "I really like what Steinmetz has done this year and am looking forward to the Monaco Grand Prix weekend."

Heikki said: "To be able to race at this prestigious event with Steinmetz diamonds on my helmet will bring something special to the occasion."

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Diamond Helmets for Heikki and Lewis