The Audi S4 Avant is an exciting, dynamic vehicle, which continues to impress enthusiasts from all brands. This beautiful Negaro Blue edition revels in the exclusivity first laid down by the legendary Porsche derived Audi RS2 Avant back in 1993. This super estate/wagon RS2 helped pave the way for such vehicles like our Audi S4 Avant shown here, the more powerful Audi RS4, and the current Audi RS6 Avant. Boasting 250 horsepower from the stock power plant, enthusiasts and racers have adopted this wondrous machine because of its high engine tuning capabilities. As with many German power plants, over-engineering seems to be the name of the game when producing high performance street legal machines. The Audi 2.7 liter twin-turbo V6 found in the S4 is no exception. Once the non-factory engine tuners get a hold of this power plant, high horsepower gains are easily achieved without altering any internal engine components. This leads one to believe that Audi builds these engines to achieve much higher specifications than needed. Nevertheless, gains that are even more staggering can be achieved when internal components are improved. Its not very often you see an S4 let alone, an Avant version. Knowing this, made our experience with this tastefully modified S4 Avant even sweeter. The wheels are striking 19 inch BBS LM's with Pirelli P7000 summer compound tires inflated to 40 psi. Increased tire pressure helps protect the wheels while maximizing road to tire contact in cornering situations. An AMS/Abt ECU computer chip increases boost while a stock looking boost gauge records what your backside already knows. The music of two turbos and a full Supersprint exhaust system fill the finely trimmed leather/blue alcantara cabin. A matching blue alcantara Momo shift knob/boot helps contribute to the soothing vibe of the whole car.

Audi S4 Avant