With the 2002 DTM race season getting ready, we thought it might be appropriate to finally give you guys and gals the long overdue story we have been promising since the end of last year. Well, here it is! Finally, up close and personal. One hundred photos behind the scenes of a DTM race amidst the heavenly Austrian countryside. Nothing could have prepared us for what we experienced. It was a memorable event that we look forward to attending in the future. - Brian Potter, Managing Editor This had to be one of the most memorable car races I have ever attended. The race actually started the night before as we were celebrating our visit to Austria with far too many Schnapps. Getting ready for A-1 Ring I vividly remember leaving our hotel and cursing Mother Nature for bringing us nothing but heavy rain. Apparently, the weather affected crowd numbers in the morning, but by afternoon most of the stands were filled. The A-1 Ring is located in southern Austria near Slovenia. The track is situated on the side of a hill and is far steeper than I remembered from watching Formula 1 on television. Miraculously, race day turned out to be blue sky and sunshine. The mountains tops all around were covered with snow, which seemed fitting since we were in Austria after all. Aside from the landscape being utterly amazing, the facilities and track side liaison's at A-1 Ring were top-notch. Much thanks to Daniel Boyé for his help and guidance. The AMG D2 team was favored for the victory, but the Abt TT-R was ready for the challenge having already won in 2001. With the huge elevation changes in the course, I expected the Audi Quattro system to have an advantage accelerating uphill. Audi must have been upset to see sunshine instead of rain, because they would have cleaned up on a damp track. We spent some time in the pits watching teams revamp their cars with incredible speed. It was painful to see the technicians toss 8 piston calipers and 16-inch rotors in the garbage. Most of the cars used the same ATS multi spoke wheels shod with Dunlop tires. Each manufacturer had elaborate displays behind the pits highlighting their latest iron. Mercedes had the CL63, while Audi featured the RS4. Everywhere we looked there was some incredible car lurking in the shadows. Most of which are not available to us in America.

GCF Trip to A-1 Ring 2001