The new Audi A4 is set to enter the strong but tough US market this fall. Longer and wider than the outgoing model, the A4 is Audi’s strongest seller, its bread and butter as many would say, so its introduction to the US market is critical for Audi’s plans to dominate the luxury manufacturer sector.

Initially two engines will be available, the 2.0-liter 211 bhp gasoline option, as well as the 3.2-liter V6 model of 265 bhp. Since Volkswagen has introduced diesel choices to its lineup in America, Audi will follow suit with its diesels as well. Prices are expected to range from USD28,000 up to USD38,000.

Audi aims to be the biggest maker of luxury cars by the year 2015, thus overtaking BMW in that role. This means more models, especially for China, Russia and the US. But statements like “European models such as the A2 are not currently designed to meet all North American standards and are not certified for import” found on Audi’s US website will probably not help its cause at all.

Gallery: Audi A4 Ready for US Launch

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