Audi RS6 In Depth

Audi RS 6 from quattro GmbH Audi is presenting its most powerful model to date. The ultimate top-of-the-range version in the A6 model line has been created by quattro GmbH and developed in conjunction with AUDI AG. The V8 biturbo engine of the Audi RS 6 has an output of 331 kW (450 bhp) and offers the performance of a thoroughbred sports car. With its innovative Dynamic Ride Control (DRC) suspension system and 8-piston high-performance brake system, it opens up new dimensions of operating dynamics. The design of this exclusive sports car is deliberately restrained. The Audi RS 6 embodies a unique high-tech package. Its immense power characteristic, quattro permanent four-wheel drive, high-performance brake system and innovative DRC suspension set new standards in the segment of high-performance vehicles. Compared with other high-performance sports cars, driver and passengers do not have to accept any compromises with regard to functionality, comfort and spaciousness. The Audi RS 6 is the only car of its kind that is available in both saloon and Avant versions. The design of the Audi RS 6 makes a clear statement. Despite its unequivocal declaration of top performance, its tremendous potential is only apparent at second glance thanks to its distinguishing features. The low front apron with three air intake apertures of diamond design, 18-inch or (optionally) 19-inch alloy wheels, discreet side sills, a redesigned rear apron and a separation edge on the luggage compartment lid of the saloon accentuate the dynamism of the Audi RS 6. Engine power that draws on plentiful resources The 4.2-liter V8 engine in the Audi RS 6 reaches a permanent peak output of 331 kW (450 bhp) between 5700 and 6400 rpm. The fact that its peak torque of 560 Nm is available across an extremely wide speed range of between 1950 and 5600 rpm is exceptional. Most of the impressive power gain is attributable to the two fast-acting turbochargers, the efficiency of which is further enhanced by two intercoolers optimised to prevent pressure loss. There is one turbocharger per bank of cylinders. The engine in the Audi RS 6 has an aluminium block, five valves per cylinder with three inlet and two exhaust valves per cylinder unit and roller-bearing rocker arms. In order to increase power output, the admission and exhaust ports have been modified in the cylinder head and the air ducts at both the intake and thrust side redesigned for the biturbo engine. The water jacket has been carefully optimised to ensure optimum heat dissipation in the area of the combustion chambers and valves. The adapted engine management is another key aspect of the RS 6 engine's efficiency. The Bosch Motronic ME 7.1.1 operates with boost pressure, knock and exhaust-gas temperature control. The biturbo functionality has been added especially for use in the Audi RS 6. The backpressure-optimised dual-branch exhaust system is an entirely new development. It consists of special middle and rear silencers, large-section pipes and primary and main catalytic converters with a metal substrate. Thanks to careful tuning it has been possible to compose a powerful sound that is sporty across the entire speed range. The Audi RS 6 satisfies the EU3 emission standard. To distribute the weight more effectively throughout the vehicle, the battery is located at the rear, in the spare-wheel recess. The air cleaner with two filter elements is positioned above the engine. Its housing is made of a carbon-fibre composite material and, together with a carbon plate over the front section of the engine, forms the cover of the V8 engine.

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