Drive like Alonso, react like Loeb with the France-based I-WAY Simulator which is the closest anyone can get to experiencing pro-driving.

For a mere €200 you can feel like a real champion race driver, thanks to the I-WAY motor sport simulator. At that price you can hit an endurance car, then jump into a rally racer, and finally into an F1 beast one after the other. Alternatively you can split your runs as you prefer/ can afford into €60, €75 and €90 each respectively. I-WAY, situated in Lyon, France, is like this fantasy relaxation facility that boasts a fully-equipped luxurious gym, a restaurant and bar, top-rated spa facilities. But like any self-respecting WCF reader, you aren’t in the least interested in any of these are you? You want the motor sports racing facility, which is one of the most advanced in the world outside of a real Formula One team environment. This isn’t Grand Turismo on your PlayStation, this is simulation like you’ve never experienced before. It is life-sized ‘race cars’, mandatory helmets, racing suits and car reactions as you’d expect on a real-life track.

Each of the three disciplines offers six simulators, in total 18 are available and for very long hours, up to 14 hours for the F1 cars. Each racing formula offers three tracks that differ in technical and speed requirements. The rally cars come in tar, ice and gravel driving surfaces. Can’t beat the real thing for sure, but probably much safer and a lot less expensive.