Production will be limited to between 50 and 100 and only the lucky folks in the middle east will get to buy it.

Last week a very production ready looking version of the Audi TT Clubsport Quattro Concept (pictured above) was spotted in Southern Germany. European spokesman for the German manufacturer were quick to deny the model, but fortunately the Brits over at Car Online continued their investigations and were able to confirm the production after Audi's marketing director for the Middle East, Bernd Rosenbichler, said it will produced specifically for the hotter climate countries – which generally means the middle-east where the automotive safety regulations are not as strict as Europe or the US.

Production will be limited to between 50 and 100 units which then brings us to the question – why go to all this trouble for a model that will be produced in such limited numbers for such a limited market. But the answer is simple, Audi is trying to boost its image in the extremely wealthy region and it also helps that there is only a few days of rain each year meaning the fact the model is missing a roof is insignificant.

The worldwide debut will be made somewhere in the middle east although no specific location or date was mentioned.

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