The cat is out the bag – Audi has officially revealed the production TT Clubsport Quattro after a series of spy shots have plagued the internet for the last week. We thought there was little chance of the concept version ever spawning what you see before you, but we have no problem with being proved wrong on this occasion. For those of you looking to get a good glimpse of it for yourselves, it will have its worldwide debut at the Wörthersee Tour, the big meet for Audi and VW enthusiasts in Austria from May 21st.

Surely the most eye catching element of this car is the open cockpit with the low windscreen featuring the almost none existent A-pillars creating a nice curvaceous effect round to the side windows. The high rising roll bars behind the seats make up for the low A-pillars meaning the occupants are still protected should the vehicle roll over.

The front fascia styling continues the Audi tradition with a single-frame grill and as with all new Audi models, the headlights get LED-daytime running lights, to complete the front look of this special model we see it gets those huge air inlets covered by horizontally split black grills and a low spolier lip to optimise downforce and increase the driving dynamics of the car. Smooth design lines across the side panels to the rear of the vehicle along with the impressive 19'' wheels continue the Purism at a premium level theme.

Audi can be credited with some of the best interiors in the business and once again they fail to disappoint with an effective use of aluminium along with sport bucket seats and a flat-bottomed sports steering wheel derived from the regular TT.

Under the hood we find the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine which pumps out over 300 horsepower mated to the S tronic duel clutch transmission which is then passed to the wheels via the Quattro 4WD system. A powerful brake system borrowed from the TTS completes the model.

Earlier today we reported an Audi official had confirmed the production of the extravagant concept with a limited production run of between 50 and 100 units although the words in this press release only state that they would not rule out production.

OFFICIAL: Audi TT Clubsport Quattro Revealed