Newly formed Liberty Electric Cars Ltd is investing £30 million in the re engineering of large luxury cars and 4 x 4s into emission-free, high performance electric vehicles.

The Electric Vehicle market is booming with the emergence of Tesla, Fisker and Venturi, and is expected by Liberty Electric Cars Ltd to explode soon. Reason enough for the new British company to invest GBP 30 million and create some 250 jobs in the UK in order to build their own EV cars.

Liberty Electric Cars has developed an electric drive-train platform which can power a range of large and luxury vehicles. Liberty thinks it can build 'in the tens of thousands' cars annually, including world's first electric Range Rover.

Barry Shrier, Liberty founder and CEO says; “The Liberty Electric Range Rover will drive cleanly and quietly around roads and cities, free of tax, congestion and parking charges, making less environmental impact than even the smallest, most fuel efficient car, yet still offering the comfort and security of a luxury 4 x 4.”

Liberty will charge between GBP 95,000 and GBP 125,000 per Liberty Range Rover depending on specifications. Liberty will use state of the art batteries which last for 200 miles (322 km), more than enough for a daily commute, and re-charging will not take long even if Liberty fails to give a time frame.

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