Together with Red Bull, Aston Martin introduced the AM-RB 001 much to the surprise of onlooking press. It was the first time the two companies had partnered on a car of this magnitude, and already, it’s looking to be one of the most intricate vehicles developed in recent history.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, chief technical officer Adrian Newey divulged some new details regarding the highly-advanced hypercar. The most impressive of which being speed — the AM-RB 001 is able to propel to 200 mph in just around 10 seconds A streamlined design and an advanced suspension system is mostly to thank.

"The key will be the car’s active suspension," said Newey in the interview. That active suspension will give the AM-RB 001 the ability to distinguish between road and track. On the track, a lower, stiffer setup will allow for optimum performance. On the road, a slightly softer and less inclined to break your back system will be implemented. It's the first time a car will use this type of self-intuitive technology.

“Nothing remotely like it has ever been tried on a road car,” said project engineer David King. “The numbers we are getting in the simulation are amazing.” Amazing indeed.

That 10-second, 200 mph in aided in part by nearly 4,400 pounds of downforce. Forgoing the typical and tacky rear wing, Newey opted instead for an advanced double-deck front splitter, an undercarriage that has the ability to compress and pressure air, causing lift, and a teardrop shaped canopy, which allows air to flow over and around it seamlessly.

Just 175 examples of this awe-inspiring hypercar will be built. Of which, 150 will be slated for road use, and another 25 will be destined solely for track use. As for the price, don’t expect anything south of $3M, further adding to the exclusivity of it all.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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