Dedicated to the memory of Andrea Pinifarina who tragically died in a motorcycle accident recently, Pinifarina have taken the wraps off their self branded B0 Concept car (pronounced B-zero). It previews an electric car destined for production in a joint venture between the Italian coachbuilders and French company Bolloré who have a stong market position in th electric battery field.

The four seater, four door hatchback's styling is the work of the Pinifarina Group. Power comes courtesy of Bolloré's LMP technology which uses a combination of batteries and supercapacitors (a sophisticated energy storage component) backed up by solar panels fitted to the roof and hood. It has the potential to power the B0 Concept for an uninterrupted run of 250km (153 miles) with a full recharge possible in a few hours from a standard household socket. Top speed of the model is electronically limited to 130km/h (80mph) while it possesses a 0-60km/h time of 6.3 seconds.

Full production of the B0 has already been confirmed to start towards the end of 2009. Production numbers will depend on the availability of the batteries. Pricing has yet to be determined as well.

Pinifarina B0 All-Electric Concept with 250km Driving Range