What could possibly go wrong?

Warning: contains some NSFW language

I used to smash up my toy cars. Because smashing stuff up is fun. If only I had access to a huge hydraulic press like the crazy Finns behind the Hydraulic Press Channel on Youtube.

Their premise is brilliantly simple: every video features an item being subjected to the immense pressure their press exerts until it’s completely obliterated. Which is never less than awesome to watch.

A couple of weeks ago, the Finns had one of their crazier ideas: crushing a car’s coil spring. “One of our [sic] most stupid things we have ever done”, the presenter calls it. He’s not wrong.

A brand-new, standard-issue Toyota Corolla spring was chosen to be sacrificed and placed beneath the press around a metal upright that had been welded onto the plate, as some sort of concession to safety.

The press is surrounded by an inch-thick (25 millimeters) polycarbonate blast shield, as well. Because, for all they know, the spring could simply shatter and send shrapnel flying around the room at about half the speed of light. Possibly.

Anyone who has ever fitted a coil spring to a car, or seen one fly off in a crash, will know the massive tension they hold. But is a spring from a run of the mill compact sedan strong enough to resist several tons of concentrated force from the press?

I won’t give the result away, but it is truly awesome. A little surprising, too. And then a poor, innocent plastic Slinky is subjected to the press as well. With much the same result, again a little surprisingly.

But back to those toy cars. The Finns have crushed a few with their press, to a flatness I could only dream of achieving, even with a vice, as you can see below.