Mercedes Mclaren F2

In the realm of dreams can such visions exist. With its 600hp V12 engine from BMW the legendary McLaren F1 is one of the fastest and most exclusive cars in automobile history. Production came to an end in May of 1998 with only 64 road going versions built. Could the creation of a successor be possible? Rumors have been circulating that McLaren Mercedes joint efforts could produce additional SLR offspring of lower caliber. A new super car topping the SLR is highly unlikely given the amount of development with gains yet to be realized. Nonetheless, the foundation has been laid and valuable experiences gained. It may be premature for Mercedes to give up on the the possibility of new models. In a perfect world we would like to see a totally new model which is more exclusive than the SLR and be more McLaren than Mercedes although the pointed star would remain. But since the world is not perfect we will happily settle for two composite chassis models using the AMG tuned 5.5 liter V8 with 500hp and a boosted 3.5 liter V6 in the area of 400hp. Electronic bells and whistles optional this time. ...and then I woke up.

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