The RDX RACEDESIGN aerodynamic kit is available for the Audi A4 8E B6 for the price of EUR 797.06. A saving of more than EUR 66 compared with the price of the parts when bought individually!

For a bargain price of 797.06 Euros, you can't go wrong with this latest body styling kit from RDX RACEDESIGN for the 8E B6 Audi A4. Naturally, the kit comes unpainted, but for those do-it-yourself types, you can save enough scratch to put towards your next caravan holiday.

The kit includes some noticeable features such as the Audi big grille conversion, hood extensions over the headlamps and integrated air vents in the side skirts which are available in three different styles.

With some pretty outlandish kits in their inventory, RDX RACEDESIGN knows the type of drivers attracted to Audi's, so it's no surprise that we see a kit that slots in the somewhat modest category, relatively speaking, of course.

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