According to BMW Blog, the next generation of M6 will be sold both in regular and CSL versions.

If all guesses for what the future reserves for us were concrete, we would have at least three times the number of car models around. The fact is some speculation models are so good looking they should have been built instead of the real ones. If this is the case for this model, the next generation of M6, expected to arrive in 2012, we’ll leave it up to you to decide, but most of you will probably like it as much as we did.

Created by the designer Giom, the rendering of the future M6 first appeared at BMW Blog. Developed under the name F12, the future M6 may get two versions, a regular one and the low weight CSL, with a carbon-fibre roof.

No word has been said about the engines, but we can expect for higher outputs and lower emission, an apparently contradictory goal that is fully achievable with the use of direct injection, turbo or supercharger and other systems that help enhance the performance of the car in all levels. Let’s wait and see.

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