The Audi's high-tech Quattro all-wheel drive system isn't enough to save this R8 from a hard hit with the track barrier.

The Germans have the concept of schadenfreude, which is the joy others get from someone’s misfortune, and it’s easy to feel this complicated emotion when a supercar wrecks on the Nürburgring Nordschleife – as long as no one gets hurt. If you’re looking for your own little pick-me-up for the day, check out this clip of an Audi R8 crashing in spectacular fashion at the ‘Ring.

The exact cause of the crash is unclear. However, there's a bright green Ford Focus RS right on the gray Audi's tail as the clip begins. It's possible the R8 driver was pushing the coupe's limits to keep the hot hatch from passing his supercar.


The R8 driver appears to enter the complex of corners with too much speed. He completes the first one but is in a bad position for the second. The driver-side rear wheel slides off course, and the rear end steps out. He skids across the track and hits the wall hard enough that the airbags deploy. We don’t suspect there are any serious injuries because both occupants are out of the coupe barely after it stops rolling.

The Audi incurs major damage, though. The R8 loses its passenger-side front fascia, and the car leaves a trail of fluid across the track. Wisps of steam also trickle out. Assuming there’s not so much chassis damage that the supercar is still worth fixing, the owner can expect a hefty repair bill for putting the vehicle back together. Plus, he has to pay for the damage to the track’s fence.

Copious videos of amateur drivers at the ‘Ring teach a simple lesson: it’s better to be conservative by going a little slower than pretending to be Sabine Schmitz and ruining your trip by crashing into the wall. Save your all-out laps for Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo.

Source: Jeff Chin Photography