With the introduction of the 2005 R Class at Detroit 2005, Mercedes hopes to introduce an AMG version in the following months either at Geneva or Frankfurt. A good bet is for Geneva since Mercedes will be introducing their next generation S Class at Frankfurt. Two AMG versions are being considered, the R 55 AMG with 370hp and an R 63 AMG with around 500hp. Both versions will have their top speed limited to 250km/h. A rumored 6.5L V12 with limited production is feasible if enough interest is generated. To harness the power from the AMG engines, the 7G TRONIC seven-speed automatic transmission will be used to provide smooth yet responsive acceleration. Both the short wheelbase and long wheelbase versions will be produced in AMG form. Based off the M class structure, the R Class will benefit from an electronically controlled 4-wheel drivetrain that will allow it to put down the power to the wheels. The AIRMATIC DC pneumatic suspension will also be a standard feature on the AMG version. Mercedes is planning to bring only the long wheelbase version of the R Class to the US leaving the short wheelbase model for Europe and abroad. No prices have been set by Mercedes but the regular R Class will carry a premium over the new ML so expect a price of around $60,000 USD. The AMG versions would carry a price of around $85,000-$105,000 USD. With no direct competitors in this segment Mercedes has a major advantage, for now.

Mercedes R Class AMG for 2005