Netherlands-based tuner USD decides to use a Ferrari as the donor car for its new wonder.

If you had a Ferrari 599 Fiorano, would you change anything about it? If you would, and there is surely someone who would, USD (acronym for Ugur Sahin Design) has a very nice suggestion to offer: the GT-S Passionata, the gorgeous vehicle pictured in this article. And what do the Passionata and the Fiorano have in common? Apart from the appearance, everything.

Ugur Sahin, the designer of the USD Corvette Z03, has chosen to recreate the famous GT cars from the 1960’s over an existing vehicle. This would offer the project the chance to reach the production lines, unlike many beautiful designs that are condemned to the screens and pieces of paper because it would cost too much to bring them to life. As you can imagine, the car that was picked up to bring the GT-S Passionata to life is exactly the 599 Fiorano, which donates its mechanical parts and its aluminium space frame chassis. Some may call it heretic, but luckily the Fiorano is not a limited edition vehicle like Enzo, for instance. With that in mind, the ones that may disappear will allow an equally interesting machine to arise.

USD is based in the Netherlands and will soon be delivering the first Corvette Z03 units. There is no information on whena GT-S Passionata  would be available, nor on how much it would cost, but we hope buyers start asking for theirs immediately, in order for the car to face daylight as soon as possible.

USD GT-S Passionata, A More Exclusive Ferrari 599 Fiorano