Some of us are still getting used to the idea of having M versions of the X5 and X6, but it seems the two high-performance SUVs might be joined by a third model some years from now. Set to be manufactured in Spartanburg, the first-ever X7 is going to be launched in 2019, which means an M-flavored version won’t come out before the end of the decade, that is if will get the stamp of approval from BMW’s execs.

A final decision regarding whether there will be an X7 M is expected to come around 2018, following a period of analysis to figure out if a powered-up version of the big SUV is really necessary in BMW’s continuously growing lineup.

If it will receive the green light, the X7 M will likely use the same engine set to power the forthcoming 2018 M5 (F90). We are talking about an evolution of the familiar biturbo 4.4-liter V8 said to deliver as much as 620 horsepower in the new application. While in the new M5 the engine will be linked to a standard RWD layout and an optional xDrive setup, the X7 M will probably be AWD-only as it’s the case with its smaller X5 M and X6 M brothers.

Even if there won’t be an X7 M, chances are Alpina will have something very similar taking into account we have discovered the company has trademarked the “XB7” moniker. In addition, we’ve known for quite some time the “XD7” nameplate already belongs to Alpina, thus indicating a hot diesel version is in the works.

Codenamed G07, the new flagship SUV from BMW will be offered as standard with a seven-seat arrangement, but word on the street suggests an ultra-luxurious four-seater model is also on the agenda. To further set it apart, BMW has plans to give the plushier model “noticeably different” exterior styling, according to undisclosed sources close to the company.

The standard model is said to carry a starting price of €130,000 (about $143,000) in Europe, with the possible four-seater and the X7 M to command a significant premium.

Note: 2019 BMW X7 speculative render by pictured.


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