Next Generation 911 Cabrio

With the recent debut of the 997 generation 911 Porsche is preparing their new Cabrio for a debut in 6 months time. Both the Carrera and new Carrera S models will be carried over to the cabrio. The power plants remain the same in the cabrio, the Carrera with a 3.6 litre boxer engine developing 325 Bhp and the Carrera S, powered by a newly developed 3.8 litre engine, delivers 355 Bhp. Zero to 100kph times are increased by 0.2 seconds for both models: 5.0 seconds for the S model and 5.2 seconds for the standard Carrera. The cabrio will come with the newly developed six-speed gearbox like the new 997 Coupe. Both the body and chassis have been re-stiffened to provide extra support and stability for the lack of roof. Debut of the Cabrio could occur at the Paris Auto Show this fall or in Detroit 2005. The base price of the Carrera Cabrio is expected to be $79,100 US and $88,900 US for the Carrera S. Prices in Europe are expected to start at EUR 70,200 for the Carrera and EUR 79,400 for the S model.

Gallery: Next Generation 911 Cabrio