In case you don't know, and Amalgam Collection, makers of high-end scale car models, are owned by the same company. I'm nothing if not a team player (as well as a fan of anything resembling a toy, no matter how expensive), so I've been happy to share with our readers what Amalgam Collection has been up to. Did you catch the company's new 1:8 scale Jaguar E-Type models we reported on from the Paris Motor Show? Boom – that's called synergy, son. 

Synergy's a two-way street, though, so my comrades at Amalgam surely weren't surprised when I emailed them asking if we can display our own Amalgam model at the Detroit offices of Shockingly, they agreed without a fight to send us one; I didn't even have to waste a guilt trip.

So here it is, our very first Amalgam model: a 1:8 scale 2005 Ferrari F430 Spider. New from Amalgam, this thing goes for $6,720, and as you'll see in our unboxing video, it's worth every penny. We're clearly excited to have this Ferrari on loan to us from Amalgam Collection (you didn't think we had the budget to buy one, did you?); we have it proudly displayed in a place of honor: on the coffee table in our lounge area in front of the Xbox and flat screen.

If you like this video, we'll beg Amalgam to send us more (and more expensive) models to open, ogle, and inspect. In fact, visit the Amalgam Collection site and let us know in the comments which models you'd like to see us unbox on camera for you. We won't hate you if you pick the Chiron

Gallery: Ferrari F430 Spider: Amalgam Unboxing Gallery

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