Lewis Hamilton is to become one of the stars of the next instalment of the ultra-successful games franchise Call of Duty.

The world champion is to follow in the footsteps of movie stars Kevin Spacey and Sarah Michelle Gellar, who have appeared in previous CoD games.

There has been speculation for several weeks that Hamilton would be appearing in the next game – called Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – but the news was only confirmed on Tuesday when French station M6 broadcast an interview and exclusive footage of him taking part in motion capture filming.

Hamilton is set to appear in six scenes of the game, and the footage from Los Angeles showed him having a speaking role and filming unusual facial expressions.

In an interview broadcast with the CoD story, Hamilton said that he felt privileged to play a part in the game.

"I grew up with Super Mario, where the graphics were outdated at the time," he said. "It's crazy to see how far it [computer games] went - the realisation is unbelievable.

"I loved it, it was a great experience, I am incredibly honored to be part of this game. I've been a fan for years."

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be released on 4 November.

Additional reporting by Fabien Gaillard 

Source: Motorsport.com

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