Besides clothing and accessories, some of the most lucrative turn-key products are cosmetics and perfumes. From musicians, actors and athletes - fragrances such as Kylie Minogue's Darling, Austin Powers' Mojo and David Beckham's Instinct, they all use their brand recognition to capitalize on merchandise sales.

Outside of the mainstream celebrity personalities, Ferrari has capitalized on their famous brand recognition in the areas of video games, toys and more recently, cosmetics. However, famous design house Porsche Design also wants a piece of the action. By combining their famous global brand with their design talents, Porsche Design has released a full cosmetic lineup consisting of 3 perfumes, 2 after shave lotions, 2 deodorants and 1 shampoo, however, it remains to be seen if they will find their way to the shelves of your local grocery store, next to Ferrari's.

The eau de toilette will be available in three versions:

  • 80 milliliter spray with bottle in special “Prestige” color version

  • 80 milliliter spray “Classique”

  • 50 milliliter spray “Voyage”.

There are also two soothing skin care products in the refreshing new fragrance, ideal for softening the skin after shaving:

  • aftershave lotion in an 80 milliliter bottle

  • aftershave balm in a 75 milliliter tube.

There are three vitalizing and invigorating products for regular hair care and body care:

  • hair and body shampoo in a 200 milliliter bottle

  • alcohol-free deodorant as a 75 milliliter stick

  • deodorant as a 150 milliliter spray.

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