Get internet-connected, Bentley-branded sound in your living room.

The inside of a Bentley luxury car is nicer than many peoples’ homes, and I’ve likewise always admired that the company’s Naim for Bentley sound systems crank out music with more clarity and volume than anything in my apartment. Now you can get that audio fidelity in your living, as the British audio company is launching two Naim for Bentley home-stereo devices.

The Naim for Bentley Mu-so and Mu-so Qb are elegant internet-connected home speakers designed to play your music in the highest quality possible. They can stream Tidal or Spotify, as well as taking input over Bluetooth, USB, an auxiliary cord, or from music stored on your computer. The anodized-aluminum speakers – oblong for the Mu-so and cube-shaped for the Mu-so Qb – even have the same metal knurling effect on their controls as you’ll find in a real Bentley. The former model cranks out 450 watts of power, while the latter delivers 300 watts. Both have an illuminated Naim for Bentley logo that glows when the speaker is playing.

Of course, just like both a Bentley and the sound systems within them, these home Naim units won’t come cheap. Pricing starts at £1,195 (about $1,694) for the Mu-so and £750 ($1,108) for the Qb version.

Source: Bentley

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