This gang of dogs is not looking for some bones. Instead, it's after the front bumper of a Toyota Corolla.

We are living in a world where we've gotten used to seeing weird stuff all the time and the car world is no exception. For example, incidents like changing tires while going on two wheels or going on a quest to find the real Yeti are surely interesting and equally weird. As a matter of fact, when it comes to car thefts, stories get even weirder in some cases. I mean, we all are familiar with the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds." But what we will show you here today is completely different - it takes time and it’s well organized.

Cem Acar, who lives in Sakarya, Turkey, parked the car in front of his body shop and drove home in another vehicle. When he came back to work the next day, he discovered that the front bumper of his Corolla wasn't where it should have been – it was gone. First thing that popped into Acar's mind was theft, so he went to the local police station. Luckily, there was a security camera covering the area so it caught on tape what happened during the night. But when they watched the footage, things started to get really interesting. A gang of stray dogs wandering in the area approached the car, and stole the front bumper of the Corolla after some effort.

You don’t get to hear every day about stray dogs snatching up a car’s front bumper, but what’s more intriguing is the teamwork these outlaw dogs have successfully executed. As Acar points out, the "top dog" was the first to arrive at the crime scene. Shortly after, the spotter dog joined the action. As the spotter was keeping an eye on things, the top dog then called in the rest of the gang.

After eight more stray dogs joined the party, the top dog spilled the first blood by trying to rip out the top right edge of the front bumper. Then, all hell broke loose and the other eight dogs started to pull out the bumper. After the first "bite," the top dog returned to its position while the crew relieved the Corolla of its front bumper. After a long struggle, they took the bumper and vanished into thin air.

For the sake of the procedure, officers asked Acar if he wants to file a complaint against the dog gang. His response was hilarious: "At first, I thought I would. But then again they're dogs. Who am I going to file a complaint against, dogs?"

We can't see any cat going into the car, so we don't think the dogs were chasing something. We're pretty sure that the Toyota Corolla has never experienced something like that in its 50-year history. We can't help but ask: Why!?