The company's first model is most likely a SUV, based on a Volvo architecture.

The newly-formed, Geely-owned brand Lynk and Co is continuing preparations for its official launch on October 20, as first teasers and details have been released. The first images don’t reveal much, but it seems like the company’s first-ever car will most likely be a crossover, reportedly based on a Volvo platform.

According to recent reports, the brand will be positioned below Volvo, allowing the Swedish company to focus on premium and upmarket products. Basically, this means the new marque will produce affordable, but intelligent and attractive vehicles.

Interestingly, the first video teaser for the brand illustrates not only the first model, but also a bike, a smartphone, and a cloud, suggesting the crossover could offer some kind of sharing service and a new car-connecting system.

Lynk and Co teaser image

The new automaker promises some revolutionary things for the future. First, the car brand will “evolve in the hands of its users” and “push the limits of the car industry.” Lynk and Co also wants to “end the game of follow the leader” and reinvent the automotive industry, which “spins in circles by doing the same things over and over.”

“In the car industry, for a century we have been so preoccupied by refining our product and production processes that we really haven’t looked beyond the trees and asked ourselves whether this is really the answer to people’s needs,” Lynk and Co senior vice president Alain Visser explains the company’s strategy. “To a large extent we have ignored the difference between the car as a mechanical product and the comprehensive experience.”

The company’s official website states Lynk and Co will launch “the most connected car to date,” a new “share-based business model,” and a car built on an “open digital platform,” To design, create, and produce the new vehicle, the brand will get in collaborations with “several world-leading tech companies.”

Full details will be revealed in two days, so stay tuned.

Source: Lynk and Co via Jalopnik

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