This stunning Volvo P1800E is heading to auction in December with an estimate of £28,000 - £34,000.

The design of the Volvo P1800 remains timeless. Originally introduced in 1961, it would live on in production for nearly 12 years before going the way of the dodo. But in doing so it would pave the way for the future of Volvo design, influencing a number of cars to follow. So it should come at no surprise that this handsome example will likely fetch big bucks when it goes to auction later this year.

A centerpiece of Bonhams’ upcoming London, Olympia, sale in December, the P1800 seen here wears an original yellow exterior finish accented with chrome fixtures and two-tone black wheels with silver accents. Wearing the chassis number 184352U, it was produced at the latter end of the P1800’s lifetime, and was originally sold and registered in the United Kingdom.

Though not much other detail is given as to this particular rare Volvo, under the hood you should expect to find the original B20E four-cylinder engine that was introduced in 1970, replacing the less powerful B18 four-cylinder. Capable of 130 horsepower (96 kilowatts) when new, that engine would propel the P1800 to a 0-62 mph (0-100 kmh) time of 9.5 seconds, on to a top speed of 118 mph (189 kmh) — respectable for the time.

With the “E” trim equipped — as seen in the vehicle here — Volvo would tack on a few extra features not found on the standard trim. Those features included things like disc brakes, new wheels, and a slightly more habitable interior, just to name a few.

In its 12 year production run, nearly 40,000 example were produced in coupe form, and another 8,000 produced in “Sports Estate” trim. Given its relative rarity, finding one today will be sure to set you back a healthy dollar amount. This particular example will be hitting the auction block with an early estimate of anywhere between £28,000 - £34,000 ($34,144 - $41,449).

Source: Silodrome

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