The Chinese cop got scooped up when he tried to stop a drunk Mercedes driver at a checkpoint.

Dashcam footage has come to light showing the moment a drunk Chinese driver scooped a cop onto the hood of his car, before taking off with his terrified mascot clinging on for dear life.

The incident occurred a couple of weeks ago in the Chinese city of Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. The police officer attempted to stop the driver at a crosswalk, which he initially does. But as the officer approaches the car, the driver gets spooked and mashes the gas.

Stood at the front of the car, the officer manages to avoid getting flattened as the car starts to move, clinging onto the edge of the hood. It’s hard to judge, but it looks as though the car is soon up to high speed, certainly high enough to take the terrified officer’s cap off his head.

The driver blows through crosswalks and intersections, seemingly on the wrong side of the road, and charges up what appears to be a cycle path. CCTV footage shows the car - a Mercedes S-Class - round a turn at speed, almost causing the officer to slide off the hood.

As the car finally comes a stop, the officer slumps off the hood, apparently in real pain from the exertion of holding on quite literally with all his might. According to reports, he suffered bruising but was otherwise uninjured.

The whole, wild ride lasted for about 2 kilometers (1.2 miles). Local reports suggest the driver was drunk and that two people were arrested in relation to the incident.

The officer was perhaps unwise to approach the car from the front, rather than the side. But that, of course, in no way excuses the driver from being such an enormous idiot. Hopefully everyone involved learned their lessons. 

It goes without saying, but do be safe out there and always obey instructions from the police. Lest you become cautionary tale yourself.