Nissan might be looking to replace its current Z sports car with a crossover similar to the 2015 Dartz.

After nearly seven years on the market, the Nissan 370Z is beginning to overstay its welcome. Newer and more powerful options have come to fruition, while the Z continues to drop in sales year over year. But it’s not all bad news for the beloved Z lineup — or maybe it is, deepening on how you look at it.


In a recent interview, Nissan executives didn’t do much to diffuse ongoing rumors of a high-riding Z crossover that could potentially replace the current 370Z. Nissan Europe chairman Paul Wilcox, when asked about the possibility, had this to say:

“Thats a good question. I cannot comment. I think the important point is, what is part of the Nissan brand? And I think dynamic performance is part of that heritage. I wouldn’t rule anything out, but we don’t comment on our future product.”

Though not an outright confirmation, the idea of a sporty crossover to replace the Z has been teased for a number of years. You might remember the angular Gripz concept that was shown a few years back at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show with both hybrid and gas powertrains. That concept (pictured here), gives us our best representation yet of a possible Z-replacing crossover, in both dimensions and overall performance.

Of course, there are still plenty of pieces to put together in this puzzle Nissan calls the Z. “The risk is to chase every single segment in the market,” continued Wilcox. “I have a line of product managers who come to me and want product in every segment.”

We’ll know more about a possible Z replacement in the coming months.

Source: CarAdvice

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