The police reported no injuries, but this guy was probably shaken up after nearly being hit by a train.

A bystander captured a dramatic crash on video when a semi got stuck on train tracks in Atwater, California, and a locomotive rammed into the vehicle. The incident didn’t cause any injuries, but the clip shows the truck’s driver getting out of the way at the last possible moment.

According to police, the semi’s trailer was stuck on the tracks. An officer was already on the scene at the time but wasn’t able to help. The train sounds its horn, and you can see the policeman running to safety on the left side of the frame. Watch the truck on the right, and you can watch the driver leap out of the cab at practically the same time the locomotive collides with the trailer.

While the accident rather amazingly didn’t harm anyone, the debris on the crossing backed up traffic for hours. It also prevented other trains from getting through.

According to KFSN ABC 30 News, police blamed the truck driver for making an unsafe turn onto the tracks. However, the fault might not be entirely on him. The local news also reported that a city council member has seen other semis have difficulty taking the corner because the center divider blocked trucks’ path. He recommended looking into removing the obstructions, but the suggestion came just a day before the crash.

For now, the city hasn’t bothered to reinstall the divider. Engineers will take a look at the scene and will decide whether they will replace it.

In the battle between a train and any vehicle on the tracks, the locomotive inevitably wins. They simply weigh more and are able to push just about anything out of the way even while traveling at relatively low speeds. If you want to see another example of that awesome power, check out this earlier story of a train slamming into a Chrysler 300 limo.


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