After a year in the shop, this stunning Lamborghini 350 GT is ready to race once again.

When you look at the legendary 350 GT, you might not immediately recognize it as a Lamborghini. Originally introduced in 1964, the 350 GT acted as sort of revival for the company, keeping the dream of the raging bull alive for years to come. Fifty-two years have come and gone since the 350 GT first hit the market — but this one is getting a second lease on life.

With over 1,150 specialist hours on the body and interior, and 750 hours on the mechanics, chassis #0121 was given a full restoration by Lamborghini PoloStorico and is looking like a legend once again. This particular example was one of the first 15 350 GTs ever produced, and comes with some original detail only found on early prototypes.

Features like the chassis and body panels were renewed to original proportions, as was the braking system to ensure safety as well as authenticity. The 3.5-liter V12 also received a full reworking that included the cooling system and fuel system, reviving it back to like-new condition where it is now able to produce 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts).

On the interior, the original black leather on the seats and door panels was revived using original processes. The wooden steering wheel, clutch, and brake pedals were also given a once-over to ensure they shined like new. 

After the full restoration was completed, it was delivered to its owner in a special event where it promptly taken to the race track. The car drove 80 kilometers (49 miles) on the Autodromo di Modena — with a Lamborghini test driver at the wheel — and lived up to its legendary performance with precise gear changes and responsive braking.

Source: Lamborghini

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A Lamborghini 350 GT, which has just finished a one-year full restoration by Lamborghini PoloStorico, took its first drive on a race track during the official hand over to its owner.  The 350 GT chassis #0121 was returned to its pure, original state with over 1150 specialist hours’ work on the body and interior and 780 hours on mechanical and electrical functions, using only Lamborghini Original Spare Parts.  
The car was delivered in a special event to the current owner, who wanted to test his newly restored car on track for the first time. The car drove 80 perfect kilometers on the especially reserved Autodromo di Modena, in the presence of the car’s original owner invited for the emotional occasion. The track test revealed a perfect balance and performance by the car in general, with precise gear changes, responsive braking and, even in the more pressured track driving environment, demonstrated its performance and handling.
One of the first 15 350 GT models to be produced by Automobili Lamborghini, chassis #0121 includes particular features of the original prototype that changed as production continued, all of which have been researched and reinstated as necessary by Lamborghini PoloStorico during the restoration process.
The original chassis and body panels were returned to their original geometry, with extensive reworking of the engine and cooling system, the braking system as well as the fuel system, to ensure safety as well as authenticity. The interior in black leather was refurbished using classic processes from its original era, and the steering wheel in wood as well as the original accelerator, clutch and brake pedals, restored while respecting small signs of wear. The car’s radio is also the original, performing as perfectly today as in 1964 when first delivered.
The body was repainted in a delicate white using the same original nitroacrylic paint formula and techniques, applying 22 layers of paint with wet sanding by hand in between each layer, giving the car a particular elegance and accenting the car’s lines.  The original rims have been restored and authenticated by the original supplier Ruote Borrani di Milano, and fitted with new Pirelli Cinturato 205/15 tyres as first on the car. Originality was extremely important to the owner and the car retains certain small marks and features to conserve the authentic feel of this car.