That sounds like a lot of money to pay for a Corvette, but then again this is far from being your ordinary C7 Grand Sport.

Earlier this year, Maryland-based Genovation Cars improved its own top speed world record for a street-legal electric car by managing to hit an impressive 205.6 mph (330.8 kph) with a 2006 Z06 Corvette from the C6 generation. The company has announced today it has kicked off development of a successor based on the Grand Sport C7 and slated to have a total electric power of more than 660 hp (492 kW) and 600 lb-ft (813 Nm). Unlike its predecessor, the new model will actually be a series production car, albeit availability will be limited since only 75 units are going to be manufactured.

Known as the Genovation Extreme Electric, the all-electric Vette will have an almost ideal 50:50 weight distribution and a battery pack with enough energy to last for around 130 miles (209 km) in normal driving conditions. It might not sound very impressive, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem for prospect buyers since the GXE is all about performance. Bear in mind that trying to access the entire car’s potential will drain the battery much quicker.

As the attached images show, Genovation won’t fiddle too much with the Corvette’s design, but it has promised to use "innovative green composites and custom interior accouterments" to differentiate it from its ICE-powered counterpart. As a matter of fact, there aren’t going to be two cars alike, with each GXE set to come with a bespoke specification based on the customer’s requirements.

At a hefty $750,000, the next-generation GXE certainly won’t come cheap. Those willing to fork out the money will have to make a deposit of $250,000 to pre-order the performance-oriented electric car. Besides the eye-watering asking price, there’s one other big problem: deliveries won’t start until the fourth quarter of 2019. By then, some other EV might render the GXE obsolete as far as outright top speed performance is concerned.

Source: Genovation

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